Sebastien Ammann Quartet


samadhi-cover Available on Amazon, itunes, Downtown Music Gallery, Freshsound Records

Recorded on June 7th 2012 by Michael Perez-Cisneros at Peter Karl Studios in Brooklyn, (USA)
Album released in 2013 on the Freshsound New Talent label.

Sebastien Ammann (piano, compositions), Ohad Talmor (tenor saxophone), David Ambrosio (bass), Eric McPherson (drums)

Yuko Kimura


Available on cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon

Recorded on December 31st 2012 by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording Studios, Brooklyn, New York.

Yuko Kimura (vocals), Sebastien Ammann (piano)

 Nico Dann’s Rhododendron


Rhododendron Double Stuf

Recorded on March 13th 2012 by Nathaniel Morgan in Brooklyn, (USA)

Website: http://www.nicodann.com/ 

Nico Dann (drums, compositions), Sebastien Ammann (piano), Nathaniel Morgan (alto saxophone), Matt Plummer (trombone), Owen Stewart-Robertson (guitar), Lauren Falls (bass)

 Trevor Long



Recorded September 12, 2012  at The Bunker Studio (Brooklyn, New York)

Available on cdbaby

Trevor Long (trombone, composition), Jacob Teichroew (tenor saxophone), Syberen Van Munster (guitar), Sebastien Ammann (piano), Trifon Dimitrov (bass), Jens Ellerhold (drums)

Winds of Wood

“Vientos de Madera”

Available on cdbaby

Recorded between December 2010 and June 2011 by Tony de Vivo in Brooklyn (USA)

contact: advivo at aol.com


Beluga Quartet


Recorded on July 27-28th 2007 by Massimo Bonomo at Studio Carte Postale in Lausanne, (Switzerland)

Slide Quartet

“Shall We Dance?”

Recorded on December 26th-27th 2007  by Manu Hagmann at Sud Des Alpes, Geneva, (Switzerland)

Art work by Rodrigo Pareja

Website: http://www.manusound.net/

Ammann Trio


Recorded in February 2006 by Renaud Millet-Lacombe (www.hush-sound.com) at Sud Des Alpes, Geneva, (Switzerland)
Art work by Emmanuel Hagmann

Website: http://www.manusound.net/

Slide Quartet

“Slide Quartet”
Recorded on April 17th 2006 by Manu Hagmann at la Roche-sur-Foron, (France)