Coming Up!

After a very inspiring trip to Portugal to play with João Guimaraes, Marcos Cavaleiro and Diogo Dinis at the Porta Jazz Festival in Porto, here I am, back in Brooklyn, preparing the next show with Samuel Blaser / Sebastien Ammann.

Ou next concert will be on December 13th at 8:30pm at Cornelia Street Café and will feature some of my favorite musicians: Samuel Blaser is an incredibly talented trombonist who is also a master storyteller. He gives the simplest phrase so much meaning and deapth that you want to know what’s coming next! Michael Blake is so soulful! His sound is big and round and his musical ideas draw you in to his sonic world. Masa Kamaguchi is a magician who gives you the impression you’re seeing clearly through thick fog and makes anybody that plays with him sound incredible. Billy Mintz will blow you away, no doubt, by doing almost nothing. He’s got it all! His touch is extremely subtle and controled, and he can play so soft you can barely hear him, yet he makes the band swing like no one.

I’m very lucky to be working with these stellar artists!

I hope to see you there!